Each city owns a tremendous stake in what is built in its community. Corporate and retail buildings, schools, hospitals, government buildings and homes will remain part of the community long after the builder and original owner have moved on. Those with a long term vision of desirable property, increased land values and tax-base stability can protect their goals and their community with strong building ordinances requiring masonry construction.

Among masonry materials, brick is prized for its long-lasting aesthetic appeal. Brick also stands up to decades of severe weather, requires little maintenance, and forms an effective fire and noise barrier. That’s why brick is the natural choice for sustainable design – and how brick promotes a community’s longevity.

Free Policy Guide Available!

The Colorado Brick Council recently created and released a new publication called "Better Communities by Design: A Guide for Policy Makers.” This resource is aimed at providing local governments with information about the tools available to achieve a high level of design and highlights why brick should be included in design regulations. Please email us if you would like a copy!

Our Services

Our experienced staff is available to assist Colorado communities achieve the type of high quality development, redevelopment, and preservation they desire. We provide the following types of services that are specifically tailored to your community:

  • Design guidelines, architectural standards and other policies customized to your community
  • Complete reviews of current policies and recommendations for change
  • On-site presentations and consultations
  • Design review training and advice for boards, commissions, councils, and staff
  • Best practices research with local and national case studies
  • Access to technical experts in masonry production, installation, and preservation
  • Free CM credit classes for planners. Click here to find out more!

All of our community assistance is complimentary and provided by a certified planner.

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