Educational Opportunities

Our certified community planning staff offers free educational opportunities for continuing education credits for planners. Delivering to audiences large or small, we will travel to your office to present on a variety of topics. Most sessions are offered between 1.0-1.5 CM credits but can be tailored to fit your needs. While these courses are geared towards planners, any topic can be adapted for presentation to a Planning Commission, Town Board/City Council, or Design Review Board. Our current offerings include:

Translating Community Design Vision into Policy: A good introduction course to architectural design regulation, the goal of the session is to provide community leaders with the policy tools necessary to turn the vision for their community into a reality. Learn tips on how to implement architectural design standards, build flexibility into your policy, and respond to objections sometimes heard from developers. This is a great session for any community that is in the process of or considering updating their comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance or design standards.

Building Materials Basics for Planners: Since planners are often the authors of local policies that govern architectural design; this session will provide a review of basic construction techniques and an objective analysis of the characteristics of different cladding materials to help enable effective policy writing and development review. Participants will be shown visual diagrams of how the construction of structures and the function of cladding materials have an impact on the long term durability of the built environment. Additionally, participants will learn about important characteristics of materials such as their function, sustainable factors, proper uses, and costs. This background knowledge is designed to give planners who write and implement design policy a deeper understanding of construction techniques and terminology to improve their ability to comment on architectural reviews and write design policy. A review of existing policies in Colorado will allow participants to visual the translation of design policy into the built environment and examine the different ways which design policies are structured.

Design Considerations for Building Materials: Geared towards development review planners, participants will learn the variety of considerations of building material choice and application including the impact on human scaled design, avoiding common design mistakes with synthetic products and new trends in building materials.

Implementing Authentic Downtown Character: Explore the tools available to help communities recognize, protect, enhance and implement authentic downtown character. The discussion will include a review of architectural features typically regulated through policy and an explanation of the desired outcome. See real life applications of policy solutions through photographs highlighting both good and bad examples of implementation.

Brick Pavers for Aesthetic and Functional Streetscapes: Discover the characteristics of brick pavers and their role in creating sustainable and functional urban environments. This session will provide in depth information about the characteristics of clay brick pavers that will assist planners in making informed decisions regarding streetscape recommendations. Planners will hear about the characteristics of clay brick pavers including their sustainable features, ADA compliance, and water management techniques. The session will show examples of different construction processes and give practical information on the design, installation and maintenance of brick pavers.

Making or Faking Great Places, Design Guidelines for Smarter Growth: Free, Online, and Pre-approved for 1 CM credit! This session focuses on the role that good design plays in smart growth. It offers a unique perspective on design guidelines (AKA design standards or architectural standards), discussing their impact beyond simple good looks. Click here to watch the course on YouTube. After you view, take a short quiz and evaluate the course here.

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Educational Opportunities