It begins with clay pulled from the earth. Softened, shaped and molded with water then baked hard with fire. Brick is the natural choice. It takes its colors and textures from nature so it is timeless, transcending whims and fads. Brick is created by the elements so it stands up to them. It doesn’t rust like steel, nor fade or dent like vinyl or aluminum siding. It doesn’t require the constant upkeep of wood, fiber cement siding or EIFS, commonly called “fake stucco.” It crosses cultures and spans generations. It links past to present and the present to the future. Brick protects us from rain, sleet and snow, warming us in the Winter and in the Summer helping us to keep cool. Brick surrounds the places dear to us, places of the heart, the soul. In its own stoic way it helps turn our houses into homes. For strength, beauty and durability the natural choice is brick.

Designing with brick offers limitless possibilities and styles.  From contemporary to traditional, brick epitomizes the comforts and warmth of home.

Brick Fireplace